I’m Never Okay.

One stigma and taboo topic in the US is admitting you need proscription (rx) medication. Even worse is taking about what you take. Pill shaming is so real especially if you have a mental illness or chronic illness. No one can “see” your wounds and people are quick to assume shit. I suppose this fear comes from many places:
*Ignorance- not fully understanding the reasons and results of proper dosesages.

*”Get over it!”- The crutch theory. This person believes people on rx for mental illnesses or chronic pain are just lazy and/or weak.

*Fear- We should be able to DO life without help. I don’t want my doctor to give me a pill for every ache and blue day. Won’t they change who I am?

*Misperceptions- They’re just turn into junkies. All those rx have to be a gateway drug. Even if not, they’re slowly crave more and more and get addicted to their rxs.
*Health Expert- Suddly they know -and educate you!- on the toxic dangers of your rx regime. They are quick with detox solutions, but come up short of treating your pain or mental health.
The only two opinions should be from your medical specialist AND you. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and injured my back 9 yrs ago. I’ve been all over the all over the map during the years.

The hotlines are all completely anonymous.

I’ve used the National Suicide Prevention Association a few times and their textline is so great. I saved it in my contacts as some fake friend so I always have it.

I “out” myself whenever it’s pertinent. Why should I hide or be ashamed of my illnesses? I fight every day, too hard to just sweep it under ther rug. While a bit more privately, I freely talk about needed psych and pain medication. 

Such issues will never get the right attention and the sigma will continue to haunt us all. Expose yourself! (Ha! No, not like that!) 



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