*This is an older writing, but I wanted to keep up my posts and this is fabulous anyways. Hopefully I will be well enough to get on some creative writting today!

I have lived with chronic pain from a back injury, leaving me in severe daily pain for nearly nine years. Two years ago I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia- the most painful disease known to man & nicknamed the suicide disease. 

However, am I a “good disabled” person? Do I keep my problems down enough that able bodied folks are comfortable? Does it sound like I’ve done EVERYTHING, or lay off something, or sought ever western AND eastern medical options in search of a cure? Whatever the answer, the REAL question is “Who am I really doing all that for?

 Have you hear of cripple punks, or cpunks? Wha?! Right? Reading this article is a bit intense-and read it all plz!!- should very informative. Being a cpunk/ finding them is very empowering for me.

“I Refuse To Be a Good Disabled Person”


The cpunk term is not limited to those mobility disabilities: wheelchairs, crutches, braces, etc. Anyone with medical difficulties who find the self-id supportive and empowering “open”. It IS crucial for able bodied individuals to make that known. 

*PLEASE be respectful with cripple punk terms and cpunk “nicknames”. It’s obviously self-pejorative term.

Uban Dictionary: Cripple Punk



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